Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

The Magic of Touch

For a relaxing experience in nature through the
scents of blossoms and the chirping of birds.

Kessem Bamaga (The Magic of Touch) Spa Center

Kessem Bamaga Spa is located in a relaxing natural environment – an organic ecological fruit, vegetable, herb garden. Birds’ songs and blossom scents will welcome you as you arrive.

We offer a variety of spa packages Tel Aviv Area

massage treatments, fish spa, large whirlpool (Jacuzzi) and more in full privacy.

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Spa in a private center

Spa treatments for singles and couples.

The ultimate way to

"Kessem Bamaga", an organic and ecological spa in Tel Aviv Area.

Extra treatments

scrub, body peeling or mask, a wide Jacuzzi in complete privacy

What can be found in the spa?

we offer Spa package deals or a full day spa. for personal / couple /group (ideal for special events like: birthday parties, bachelorette parties, company get togethers and more) held in full privacy and magical space.

Our treatments include: massages, body mask / wraps, exfoliations, aromatic bath, fish spa (pedicure or body exfoliations) and more.

In our treatments, at Kessem Bamaga Spa, we use essential oils, distilled here from our locally grown plants and herbs.

hot stones Full body massage 
Hot stone massage treatments & spa day spa packages tel aviv area

If you’re Looking for a pro Massage Treatment with organic oils, private spa is the place for your peaceful time Tel Aviv area

A private workshop gives you more.

It gives you a clear time just for you two. you will get tools and tips how to treat and pamper your companion.
you’ll be the only couple in this massage practice.

Spa Packages

extendable and upgradable spa package the one to answer your need...

Price: ₪430

one hour and 15 minutes basic hot-stone integrated massage...

Price: ₪310

One and Half hours massage treatment ...

Price: ₪340

30min massage one area lower back neck & shoulders... ...

Price: ₪240

Long Couples massage 120 Minutes of Pampering & Therapeutic massage Treatment...

Price: 900 ILS

120 Min Herbal hot stone integrated Massage treatment...

Price: 450 ILS

Royal Personal Package a real pleasure...

Price: 700 ILS

Princess Personal package – 140 minutes of pleasure ...

Price: 500 ILS

massage with hot stones and aromatherapy including face and scalp and a body Shea mask during the ...

Price: 400 ILS

60-min General massage with aromatherapy + face & scalp massage....

Price: 240 ILS

Personal Spa package for the new Mother 20-60 minute of Massage treatment...

Price: 610 ILS

Couple Relaxing spa package Enjoy authentic healthy relaxation experience. ...

Price: 950 ILS

Body Exfoliation,  Body Masks \ Wraps Therapeutic and pampering Herbal Scrub ...

Price: 220 ILS

Private SPA

"Magic of Touch Spa" KESSEM BAMAGA SPA a private spa in Or Yehuda, offers a wide range of spa packages, for couples and singles.
Spa treatments in a private spa center located in the central area of the country.

Kessem Bamaga Spa center. Offers unique spa packages and professional massage therapy in a private Eco organic environment.
For a relaxing experience in nature. through the scents of blossoms and the chirping of birds.
“Magic of Touch” spa is located in the heart of an organic and ecological garden that has fruit trees, aquaponic vegetable garden and herbs.

You can choose a treatment from the list of offers on the website. or better suit your budget for body relaxation and maintenance.
On website you will find a wide variety of peeling and therapeutic and pampering body masks, integrated massage, therapeutic and more. You can choose a type of massage treatment. from the menu. Swedish, aromatic, Ayurveda, thai yoga massage. pampering massage and more..
For individuals and couples – spa packages are usually more affordable Than picking few treatments to tailor choice your package of treatment.
Let us know so we can point the most suitable one to your needs.

A professional massage in private spa, a couple’s spa package in a royal private spa. 28° heated ecological fish spa in 2000L pool, special treatment fish exfoliation or pedicure enjoy the magic of fish touch from the rivers & streams of North Israel.

“Magic of Touch” offers you an experience that relaxes the body and mind.
In “Kessem Bamaga” you can assist your body and mind to a state of relaxation.
The farms garden is a place to enjoy even after the treatments, seating areas just choose peace to sit and listen.
Visitors to the spa will also be offered herbal tea and other organic and aromatic hot / cold drink made by the spa, Robe for spa use and complimentary spa shoes.

Enjoyment is guaranteed.

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