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Anti Cellulite treatment

Spa kessem bamaga The Magic of touch

Anti Cellulite Treatment series, deep and adjusted, tailored massage treatment.
with Dead sea products, grown herbs and other natural ingredients, seaweed..
all are blended especially for you. hear at the spa.

Integrated massage with hot stones (lava rocks), herbal extracts, Essential oils we manufacture on site.
grown in our garden around the spa.

cellulite treatment
woman showing cellulite on her leg

Anti Cellulite treatment series will benefit of spa extras, inclusive in the series.
natural body masks and peelings a herbal body scrub.
on your evaluation treatment we will set all sessions dates, each of your Cellulite massage treatments.
along your treatments things will change, your body will start responding to treatment as we go the series.
we will follow your skin and body response feedback.

cancelling your orange peel skin look or treating dimpled no bumpy buttocks, thighs, hips.
your help is needed. you’ll have to attend to treatments, do some walking.
keep your body fit and vital, control your diet and and drinking habits.

treatments will revitalize body flow, assist your immune system to refresh, clean your body from the inside.

anti cellulite massage series is 15 sessions. 15 tailored massage treatments. according your to your body,
metabolism, progress, visual look and feel. we will add extra treatment as peeling or a body mask,
and might be Both same day, a herbal scrub.. sessions that will carry other treaments like body Exfoliation or abody wrap etc’ will be a bit longer.
some your treatments days start by preparing your body and skin to the coming Anti cellulite massage therapy.

any good massage will help your body to ease pain and relax.
the grate bonus for a cellulite treatment series is you WILL treat and payback your Entire body, pain or aches, stress or tightness will be taken care of.
Anti Cellulite massage is a general body massage treatment, areas of cellulite will get more intense touch. we recommend having a full body Treatment. so you gain it all.

your Anti cellulite massage will carry some herbal extracts, Essential oils formulated for you.
warm treatment considered thermotherapy. I will use hot stones in different temperatures to go dipper in layers.
It will soften and ease on you, while I’m crushing cellulite colonies.
on the way of massaging your muscles. I will encourage the flow in your inner filtration system, cleansing and refreshing. delivering fresh oxygenized blood and vital liquids to the treated areas and whole body.

A wakeup call to your whole body. direct care to your largest organ, and boost lymphatic system.
the Anti Cellulite massage series is 15 sessions on different dates. we will discus on first Evaluation treatment, I will evaluate your body and plan gaps between treatments.
Each Anti Cellulite massage treatment is 60~to~90 minutes full body massage.
if you are planning a total care for body maintenance.
this treatment series can be upgraded to 120min of integrated massage.
This way you can obey your body needs, Treat spotted areas that really bothers you.
it will benefit your body and sole.
skeleton, muscles, skin. and power acrogenic spots revitalizing your body energy.

Booking or Question. checking dates and options. don’t hesitate to Chet on WhatsApp or call +972522894674

Q & A

Questions and answers

Questions about and things to know.
A series of cellulite massages blurs the appearance of the orange peel in the treatment areas.

Patient Cooperation is essential for the success in cellulite treatment series.
** Cellulite colonies are treated and smutted for touch and look. it takes time.
Cellulite colonies will never be cancelled from where it is located.

After the series of Cellulite massage treatments. when your comfort with the look and feel wished for.
you will be offered regular maintenance.
maintenance should be performed on regular bases keeping the feel and look longer periods of time.

membership is an option to consider. get different X% rebate by choosing suitable time to schedule.
options are ones a week, ten days, two weeks, three weeks, month. each gives a bonus, from 10%~30%.

Allergy or sensitivity
If there is an known allergy or sensitivity. plants and other natural substances / products like Dead Sea products, seaweed, sea food, ink. please notice! let us know at first, so will have initial tests to avoid irritation etc.

Treatment during menstruation, this period depends might be a break and the treatment will be done at home, depending on strength and length of your normal cycle.

After a good meal it is not possible or recommended to get this or any massage treatment.

It is advisable to be as natural you can. better not to ware jewellery, perfume or apply creams before treatment.
well done if removed in advance.

we offer fully equipped shower rooms.

fish spa exfoliation Bonus. for a natural full body peel as you progress.

Nikka Recommended this treatment

ill be happy to reply or assist you on your way to be happy with your body.
we as eco organic private spa have lots to offer.
during treatments I’m offline so the best is to email or WhatsApp etc’
will answer ASAP

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cellulite treatment

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