Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

קסם במגע

Personal private spa treatment at an organic and ecological centre

Private Spa Treatment

The ultimate way to indulge this days is spending time some ware you like.
like a restaurant, go to a movie / show or a pub, some do tend to like spas…

Having personal pampering spa package or a collection of treatments,
Is a good thing you can possibly think of.

Treatment for any medical problem, relaxing your body and mind.
It is pure pleasure for your body health caring.
A variety of unique options to treat your body in pleasure, and to benefit your complete health.

A Treatment that can meet all expectations.
Loosen you muscles and relax during massage therapy.
The best answer will be to indulge yourself in supreme pampering spa package.

Spa packages include variety of options.
Spa treatments, body peels, Aloe-Vera Dead Sea mud Body mask and other nourishing masks.
A herbal scrub or a addon to your massage treatment.
Your Visit can include a healthy meal in our Garden.
Our unique options for relaxation are surrounding you.

Private spa treatment

Private spa visit is Beyond experiencing the massage.
Full privacy for every client. Qualified & Professional massage therapy.
We are located in the centre of Israel in a island of quite.
Surrounded with most crowded and dynamic areas in the country.

Clients are visiting from all around the country and from around the globe.
From the North, Central areas and South, Clients are in need of a brake.
a brake for some reset, tuning up for both, body and overall therapy.

Today you can find the best Spa centres near you over the internet,
You should tailor your treatment to suit your needs.
Whether you drove to Or Yehuda area in general or not.
Choose a spa package to relax from all the hustle and bustle around.

Spa treatment

Private Spa, massage practice Workshop for couple in full privacy.
Revolves around various treatments, techniques from the East, ancient teachings from distant lands,

What they all have in common, reliance on ancient methods they give the body.
A feeling that cannot be achieved with any other treatment.

For example, Ayurveda from India, Shiatsu from the Far East and Reiki from America.
Each method is a different theory.
A combination of different techniques and different focus ways to areas.

While one method treats all areas of the body and mind,
medical thereby is more pointed to an area of pain.
The other works your feet, reflexology deals with one area too.
​​The feet (and palms) reflexology treatment treats the whole body through the organs reflection on your feet and hands.

The Indian Ayurveda

Which combines aromatherapy scent, a variety of natural herbs.
crystal’s, and much more as,
Thermotherapy. in your Private spa treatment, Hot stones, Thai Herbal Balls and other warm therapies are preformed
Ayurveda Marma treatment, tantric massage workshop for a couple and more.
It involves with you body energies.

A spa day at a reputed spa

You can combine several amazing pleasures in one spa package.
Seems that spa package are desired one for most people.

Spa package are collection of treatments to suit your body.
To ease on pain and stress and extend body movement.
It has become important for most people. Most are serious about taking selfcare as a weekly body care standard. Each according the way of leaving and daily habits.
last years we see more clients booking membership or treatment series.
Its truly an amazing thing to spent time in therapeutic joy.

Arriving a spa centre

Or any other Clinique does not always end with a single treatment.
There will be issues that needs a continued treatment and if necessary we will notice so you arrive several times to treat pains origin.
For further treatment or completion of a process,
such as cellulite treatment, stiff muscle or assistance in removing toxins from the body.

Today spas, provide the best indulgences and pleasures,
that can be integrated and private.
Royal spa Package all-inclusive or other tailored spa package.
Will give you the best option to choose yourself What you Like having.

Having Pleasures can be combined in one spa deal

It seems that Kessem Bamaga spa “the Magic of Touch Centre” offer Private spa treatment.
Is the desired spa for most people.

Together as a couple or more, you can get personal guidance.
A private massage workshop for you only.
If you are a couple or a threesome …
In this workshop you will learn to Give a massage, learn to Get a massage.
practice how to take care of your partner, pamper your partner in your privacy, home or else.

Arriving at the spa center, we will have a talk, you will be given options exposing you to the variety of treatments.
Additional options such as Fish Spa,
Jacuzzi, healthy meals, as well as romantic options.

Beyond all these Kessem Bamaga Spa offers
Spa packages, combined Integrated massage in a private & pleasant atmosphere, relaxing music.
Your quality time with yourself or others.
Our therapists will do the utmost, so you get the best we offer as promised.
Particularly kessem Bamaga is peaceful & magical environment
Everything is in full privacy, private spa.
We use products made at the spa, growing herbs organic to manufacture our products and ingredients for treatments.

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