Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

קסם במגע

Spa Extras

 Spa Kessem Bamaga

Spa Extras / spa treatments near tel aviv

Our spa offers a variety of therapeutic baths and pampering:

Peeling – Exfoliation

פילינג מלחים לגוף spa treatments near tel aviv

Body Peeling or Exfoliation

• Aromatic essential oil extracts in our wide veraity Of treatments.

• Dead Sea Salts Peeling.

• Herbs peeling from our locally grown herbs.

• Cleopatra’s pampering treatments.

• Dead Sea Salt Scrub– Dead Sea salts with a mixture of oils and organic plant extracts.

• Shredded seeds and salts Scrub – shredded seeds, organic oils

and extracts and salts.

• Fresh aloe Vera gel and sea salt scrub – Aloe Vera and Dead Sea Salt and organic extracts

• Herbs Scrub– a mix of organic herbs’ oils and essential oils

• Coffee Scrub – coarsely ground coffee mixed with aloe vera and essential oils

• Detox cleansing bath – a mixture of oils and herbs aimed for detoxification, lymph drainage Massage combined with body exfoliation.

Peeling and Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells which are physically scrubbed off with a body peel, leaving your skin smoother and fresher looking.

Body Scrubs

Royal Herbal Body Scrub
A unique treatment that can refresh your body, revitalize and clean your skin.
Herbal Scrub Treatment is Grate fun, Soapy and Wet, includes herb extracts and hydrosols and fresh herbs from our garden.
Refreshment for your largest organ.
This is done with loofahs and brushes of different Grrits coarseness to clean, remove your old skin tissue. The Royal Herbal Scrub can be added to one spa package two times.
First would be after having you Body peeling and or a body mask. It washes all materials we applied a while ago to your skin.
Second is done after the massage treatment ends. Sort of a ending treatment for cleaning.
Your skin, will be thankful & happy, fresher, leaving your skin smoother feel looking you didn’t have since your childhood.

Body Masks  Wraps

• Algae (seaweed) / clay Mask – helps with the removal of body toxins through metabolic stimulation.

• Dead Sea Mud Mask – removes dead skin cells leaving your skin fresh and glowing.

• Fresh Aloe Vera Mask for a fresh glowing skin

• Anti-aging Mask – a mineral feed for rejuvenating and refreshing the skin

Body Wraps / mask

עטיפת בוץ ים המלח מסכת גוף body wrap spa treatments near tel aviv

Body Masks / Warps, wide range of options, fresh products Made on spot.

Body Wraps / masks stimulate the blood flow and soften the skin.

Masks is spread on your body for 20 to 40 min,

Your body will be smeared with a body mask and wrapped for up to 40 min.

It is recommended having body exfoliation/peeling before having a massage.

for Best suited Treatment we offer undressing, we offer a cover.
If your uncomfortable Be advised to bring cotton underwear or bathing bathing suit.

Do you desire having spa treatments near tel aviv area give us a call +972522894674

You will get a spa robe for use and complimentary spa slippers, hot/cold homemade organic and aromatic drinks.

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