Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

Spa regulations

Spa regulations for use around the spa

Kessem Bamaga “Magic of touch” private spa centre. Offers Verity of treatments in full privacy for is customers.

.Extensions and updates to these rules.
.found on the main spa website the following link

Each client in the spa is an individual client

there is no Others Clients when your in.
we refresh and clean the spa between the clients.
In order to ensure your health safety and Other patients safe and healthy.


To ensure treatment at the desired time that suits you,
it is advisable to book several days in advance.
In order to reserve a spa package at the center or treatment
you must provide: full name, ID number, valid credit card payment, and available phone number.
Your details are stored in the spa’s customer database:
the credit transaction was taken during the order for confirmation by the credit company.

Introductory treatment / experience valid only once per person.

Methods of Payment

At “Magic of Touch” you can pay using: Bank transfer, paybox, bit, Isracard, MasterCard, Visa, Cash.
Payment by checks to regular customers only.

Order Cancellation Policy

It is mandatory to notify 24 hours in advance
for a change or cancellation, before the date of treatment.
by phone and not by WhatsApp SMS.
if Cancellation Notified & Confirmed by phone 24 hours Ahead.
the spa will be charged the cancellation costs.
Cancellation costs without prior notice: NIS 150 for a package and NIS 75 for treatment.

Dress and exposure policy

The decision on the degree of exposure is up to you Only.
Its important to be comfortable during spa treatments .
We will Recommend. It is desirable to maximize the feeling and experience.
undress, we will provide you coverage as required.
take off any garment or piece of jewellery.
Under 16 years age must be accompanied by elderly during treatment.

No double discounts

Spa vouchers for purchase

purchase a gift voucher for the spa for any occasion or reason.
Individual / single / couple / group. spa package, spa treatment, massage therapy from the menu.
peels, masks and body wraps, body herbal scrub.
variety of services we offer, are sold on a gift voucher.
but as a addon or Extra treatment.
Please make sure before purchasing
whether the treatment purchased sold as single item.
and not as an addition to a spa package.
The spa vouchers are valid for 90 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The vouchers are non-transferable.
are sold by full name and type of treatment
which we will tailor to the person whom the voucher was purchased for.

Spa regulations – Spa services policy

The management of “Magic of Touch”
Kessem Bamaga Spa center
may cancel Delete or remove any content or service.
treatment, package, workshop, treatment.
On site and in practice including the spa services without any prior notice.
And without obligation to give reasons.
Workshops, events, promotions, packages, prices, massages treatments
peels, body scrubs, masks, Jacuzzis, baths and other,
among the services provided at the “Magic of Touch” spa Kessem Bamaga
spa in Or Yehuda.

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