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קסם במגע

Spa regulations

Spa regulations

Kesem Bemaga Spa Rules Introduction

“Kesem Bemaga” Spa emphasizes customer privacy and providing professional and high-quality service. These rules are intended to regulate the terms of use of the spa, including booking treatments, payment methods, cancellations, and dress code, as well as the purchase of gift vouchers and general conditions.

Booking Treatments

You can book treatments by phone, on the website, or via email.
Provide full name, email address, ID number, available phone number, and valid credit card information when booking. Introductory/Trial treatments can be redeemed only once.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made through Paybox, Bit, bank transfer, cash, or credit cards.
Cheque payments are accepted only from regular clients, subject to the terms.

Cancellations and Postponements

We value your time and ask that you also value ours; please inform us in advance of any cancellation or postponement.

Cancellation or Appointment Change: Advanced notice:
At least 24 hours, unless the booking is made less than 24 hours before the appointment.
In such a case, a minimum notice of 12 hours is required. Notification Method: Phone call only, not via SMS or other text methods.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Cancellation Fees without Early Notice:

Bookings up to 500 ILS: 200 ILS.
Bookings over 500 ILS: 50% of the transaction amount or a minimum of 400 ILS (determined by the spa according to the booking).

We prepare special materials for you in advance, and a cancellation without early notice results in a double loss – the waste of materials and loss of working time.

Spa Fish:
Up to 24 hours before: No charge.
Less than 24 hours before: 100% charge.

Additional Options:

Credit: Full decision at the spa’s discretion depending on the circumstances of the cancellation. Postponement: Depending on the content of the order, you can postpone the appointment based on availability.

Important to Note:

Cancellation or appointment change notifications will be accepted only by phone.
Cancellation without early notice will result in charges according to the policy.

We recommend booking appointments in advance and, if necessary, canceling or changing appointments as soon as possible.
We appreciate your understanding and consideration!

Dress Code and Exposure

The level of exposure during treatments is your choice.
For the best experience, it is recommended to remove all clothing or jewelry.
we will offer a cove provided by the spa.

Children under 16 must be accompanied during the treatment.

Spa Vouchers for Purchase:
You can purchase gift vouchers for individual treatments or spa packages.
Make sure before purchase that the treatment is sold as a single item or as a series of treatments. Personal vouchers cannot be transferred and are limited to an expiration date.

General Conditions:

The spa management reserves the right to make changes to content, treatments, prices, and promotions without prior notice.
Cancellation is possible in accordance with consumer protection laws.
Terms of use on the website and spa services are subject to Israeli law.


These rules do not constitute a legally binding agreement.
Changes to the rules may occur from time to time.
It is recommended to check the rules before each treatment.

We recommend booking appointments in advance.
We appreciate your understanding and consideration!

Additional Information:

Additional information can be found on the spa’s website.
You can contact customer service by phone [972522894674].
I hope these rules are clear and easy to understand.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Terms and Restrictions Spa Services Policy

The management of “Kessem Bemaga” Spa in the center reserves the right to cancel and change any content or treatment on the website and in practice <spa services> without prior notice: workshops, events, promotions, packages, prices, massages, treatments, peelings, body wraps, facials, Jacuzzi, baths, and any service provided among the services offered at “Kessem Bemaga” Spa,
the spa is located in Or Yehuda.

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