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קסם במגע

Eco fish Spa

A therapeutic Eco fish Spa

“Fish pedicure Is our unique Specialty at “Kessem Bamaga Spa

Eco fish spa fish pedicure
Eco fish spa

What is fish spa pedicure all about

Ictioterapia is a revolutionary fashionable treatment.
Using the help of freshwater fish “Garra Rufa” (which belong to the Carp family).
Also called “Doctor Fish” known for their ability to cleanse old skin and uncover newer skin.
They live in rivers in the Middle East. These small fish don’t have teeth.
They gently suck and nibble away dry and dead skin.
It doesn’t hurt. You’ll feel a pleasant tingling sensation.

Fish pedicure At the fish spa

You can dip your feet in for a natural fish pedicure.
Or dip your entire body for a full body dead tissue exfoliation.
The treatment is also recommended for people who suffer from Psoriasis.
The Ecological Fish pool Tub At Kessem Bamaga Spa contains about 2200 litres of water.
Heated at a temperature of 28-31 ° C.
A refreshing experience, pleasant and liberating for both warm and cold days.

Terms of use


Spa insights on fish spa from around the globe

Dip your entire body
For a full body exfoliation of dead tissues

Fish Pedicure Treatment

First to notice you – You must stand the spa regulations. For using any of this services.
The fishes start the day Eating Healthy food, all what their diet needs for them to be happy.

Fish pedicure treatment is for removing the old skin of your feet.
you dip your legs up to you knees and let the fishes do their job.
They are Awesome employees, so quit and always hungry, curios of things around them.
Fish pedicure takes 20 minutes, from the minute you dip your feet.

Full Body Dr’ Fish Exfoliation

Full Body Fish Exfoliation treatment is dipping your body in the fishes spa.
You dip your entire body up to your Chin and let them work, 30 Minute of nibbling Joy.
Don’t over move! If your in fear of tingling and moving, They will swim away.
And You won’t get your desired treatment Done.
If you comfortable sitting still. You will Enjoy a lovely body Exfoliation.
We recommend you choosing what suits you best, dress or un dress.
Most go naked, totally Undressed. To have all areas treated.
No Worry’s, They Don’t enter your secret body parts.
The fishes type don’t have any teeth’s so they can’t bite you.
In nature they feed on Dead tissue of what ever gets to the River, it can be a leaf, or dead tissue.
Their gums have no teeth, they pick tiny tissue flakes of your skin.
They will give you a Thorough cleaning that you might enjoy.
Some ware underwear and some use the lower half of the bathing suit.

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