Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

קסם במגע

Private Spa Centre, The Kessem Bamaga Spa

A Private Oasis for Relaxation an Pampering

Introduction to Kessem Bamaga Spa

Kessem Bamaga Spa” Magic of Touch Spa.
A private spa center located in the heart of Or Yehuda.
just a short ride from Tel Aviv.
Our spa offers a variety of professional massage types.
single or couples spa packages, and private massage workshops for couples.
Offering a wide range of Option events.
Birthdays, Bachelorette parties, Day spas, Family get-togethers, and Company Management private events.

Our Range of Body Treatments

Variety of Body Masks:
Our masks include ingredients such as Dead Sea products.
Herbs, Aloe-Vera, seaweed, clay, coffee, chocolate, Shea/coconut butter, and more.
Body Exfoliations:
We offer a wide range of exfoliations.
Including Dead Sea salt and herbs, coffee herbs, Aloe Vera, shredded herbs, and essential extracts.
Herbal Body Scrub:
Our body scrub uses Luffas and brushes soaked in soapy plant extracts and hydrosols.
For a detoxifying, nourishing, and cleansing experience.
Fish Spa:
Try our natural fish pedicures and body peeling treatments for a unique spa experience.

Private Whirlpool Jacuzzi Spa

The Private Whirlpool Jacuzzi Spa is fully equipped and provides a luxurious pampering experience.
Our products, including body scrubs, masks, and peels.
Are made on-site from herbs grown in our garden.
We also offer fresh herbs and hydrosols for hot or cold drinks.
meals made with fresh eggs from our chicken coop.

Delicious Treats and Beverages

We offer selected wines, champagne, and cava, and are happy to accommodate specific requests.
Our menu includes a variety of options.
continental breakfast, cheese platter, fruit platter and Cheese toasts.
It can be added, Depending on the type of package or order.
Arac, limoncello, cookies, and meals are all made in-house for a truly personalized experience.

The Inspiration Behind Kessem Bamaga Spa

Our personal private spa center was inspired by listening to our customer’s needs.
Mostly paying attention to the smallest details.
The goal is to provide a private and intimate celebration event.
Offering complete silence and relaxation.
Outer seating areas in the spa garden.
Providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
You set the tone for your treatment, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Ensuring the highest quality and service.

Our Commitment to Clean and Safe Treatments

At “Kessem Bamaga Spa“.
We are committed to using only the highest quality, non-toxic materials for our treatments.
We avoid harmful pesticides and extracts.
Ensuring a safe and magical spa experience for all of our guests.

Clean and Safe Treatments at Kessem Bamaga Spa private spa center

At Kessem Bamaga Spa Magic of Touch Spa, we take cleanliness and safety very seriously.
We are Doing our best and making sure.
That materials used for treatments are free from toxic addons.
Or harmful substances, such as pesticides and harmful oils.
Come experience a magical spa center.
Located in the heart of Or Yehuda.
Depends where your at, its about 10 minutes from Tel Aviv East.
“Kessem Bamaga” Magic of Touch.

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