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What do you do in a massage

In a massage, you undress, lay on a Massage table so we rub warm oil on your body. One part at a time or full body rub. It depends what type of treatment is given.
The body is massaged with the palms, fingers, forearms, etc.,
the therapist will Perform a massage on different parts of the body.
Manipulations, pressing, stretching, kneading, stroking, releases, calming…
Mainly move liquids in your body and in areas on your body.
To soften the muscles and let the treated and its surroundings flow.
There are a variety of Oil massage types.
Types that require undressing to the point of no clothing at all (with a modest covering).
Usually massage combined with vegan carrier base oil, and additions of herbal extracts.
To massage your full body or a back massage only.

Massage Art integrated with Essential oil
The art of massage integrated with Essential oil

Which massage is right for me

Massage is a process in which the body is read by the therapist during the treatment and responds to the situation on spot.
It is not possible to suggest which one is suitable without a preliminary conversation, to understand what type of person comes for treatment.
health, fitness, activity, etc. There are a variety of therapeutic types: medical massage, pregnant women, sports massage, integrated massage with hot stones and herbal extracts, Thai yoga massage, Ayurveda Indian massage, Pregnant woman massage and more..

What treatments can be received during menstruation

Menstruation is not a disease.
You can receive a variety of treatments during your period,
The day depends on the process and how he usually behaves.
You cannot enter the fish spa or the jacuzzi.
You can receive spa treatments such as body peeling, masks and body scrubs, depending on your body condition and menstrual cycle, you can receive massage and treatments depending on your condition.
Massage can make your period stronger, you can bleed more than normal without a massage

Is it possible to use the spa facilities when booking a massage

Yes facilities can be used.
But Depends on the treatment package you chose.
When choosing a massage treatment only, there is no use of the spa facilities.
You can change to a package or add a service / treatment you want.
Do not hesitate to call or WhatsApp chat.
Questions and answers in text or voice.

therapeutic Back Massage
back therapeutic therapy

Is a massage healthy for anyone

Massage is Beneficial and Healthy for Mostly Everyone.
It can be said almost about everyone. There are exceptional situations in which massage therapy is dangerous or can be harmful to the recipient.
Each matter individually, you will fill out a detailed health questionnaire. In a preliminary questioning conversation, we will discuss and decide what is right, and if one treatment is enough or more is recommended.

Can a pregnant woman get a massage

Yes. Shure She better find a qualified Pregnancy Massage therapist and get her self treated.
It depends on the state of pregnancy, the week, month she is in. And if the pregnancy is normal with no risk.
Starting from the second trimester, it is recommended to get a massage to ease on your body processing. As of 16th week it will ease and relief pain and stress from your body to support.
That intensifies as you get closer to the birth.

How can I be precise in choosing the type and length of the massage

The process starts with an order, we will guide you. We will ask questions and try to direct.
Upon arrival, you are required to fill out a health questionnaire and Allow treatment declaration. According to the health declaration, we will determine the right treatment for you.
According to the desire and need of your body, to tailor treatment and use our experience.
There are a variety of amazing types of massage, when you integrate the entire therapeutic toolbox and experience of the therapist for a combined massage, all the knowledge and experience is applied in this treatment.
It is important to be precise with yourself and tell in the questionnaire what your medical history is, there are consequences and you should know.
Adapted variety, personal care declaration form, tantric massage workshop for a couple.

How can I tailor a massage treatment into a therapeutic spa package

You can change a massage treatment to a spa package.
We will discuss and agree in advance. Because the process can take time.
Products must be prepared for the spa treatments you choshen.
For example, spa treatments: Pre massage and after a treatment or a massage – Body peeling, body mask, royal body herbs scrub, Stimulating coffee peeling and more..
There are cases in which it is possible to change without prior notification. Better discuss and let us know.
If any are planned, let’s hope for sufficient preparations time until next treatment.
We are a private spa, Other clients won’t be same time as you will.
You will be together with your companion or alone.

If you have any doubts or questions and the answers are right for you and allowed in the spa

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