Eco Fish Spa

A therapeutic Eco fish Spa is our unique

specialty at Kessem Bamaga Spa

ספא דגים

Eco fish spa

What is fish spa all about?

Ictiotherapy (Ictioterapia) is a revolutionary fashionable treatment
using the help of freshwater “Garra Rufa” fish (which belong to the Carp family)
also called “Doctor Fish” known for their ability to cleanse and regenerate the skin.
They live in rivers in the Middle East. These small fish don’t have teeth.
They gently suck and nibble away dry and dead skin.
It doesn’t hurt. You’ll feel a pleasant tingling sensation.


At the fish spa you can dip your feet in for a natural fish pedicure,
or dip your entire body in for a full body dead tissue exfoliation.

Fish spa is also recommended for people who suffer from Psoriasis.

The Ecological pool At Kessem Bamaga Spa is a large pool containing about 2200 liters of water, heated at a temperature of 28-31 ° C. A refreshing experience,
pleasant and liberating for both warm and cold days.

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Spa insights on fish spa from around the globe

Dip your entire body

for a full body dead tissue exfoliation