Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

קסם במגע

Relax at a Spa in Ben Gurion Airport Area, Israel

Spend few Hours near Ben Gurion AirPort

Spa near the Airport

Are you in Ben Gurion Airport Israel and looking for something to do?
Did you Consider visiting a spa for some relaxation.
If you’re on a vacation or business trip it worths investing in relaxation.
Plan Taking a day off to indulge in a spa day?
It could be the perfect way to unwind.
So are you Looking for Spa around the Ben Gurion Area?

ReTune your Body before getting back to normal life habits

Adjusting things out before handling Life’s requests.
Were all have dutys, Like attend to work, home care, kids, partners and lots more.
We are requested doing our duty so we should be prepared for the coming requests.
Before Or After a Journey, massage can help and support your next step, revitalizing your body to ease on you. loosening your tensed muscles, relaxing your entire body in Spa Kessem Bamaga Spa near the Airport. or Massage Near the Airport.

Gift a Spa Day

If you’re looking for a wedding gift or other reason to bonus someone.
consider purchasing a coupon voucher for a spa day.
Are you seeking a professional massage therapist?
There are plenty of options available in the Tel Aviv area.

Freshen Up Before Your Flight

planning to get to the Tel Aviv area early and have a late flight?
You can freshen up, have a treatment, take a shower and change at the spa.
your flight is delayed and you have a few hours to spare.
Consider treating yourself and order a professional massage to relieve pain and stress.
As a matter of fact you can do something for yourself while waiting for the flight time.

A Place to Rest and Recharge After a Long Flight

Checking out of your hotel at mid-day and your flight is late?
Try finding a place to stay and have a spa treatment.
A massage therapy session or a medical treatment,
Can help alleviate any stress from your busy schedule and long flight ahead.
if thought of as spa day. look for a lovely Spa around Ben Gurion Area.

Massage Art integrated with Essential oil
The art of massage integrated with Essential oil

The Eco Organic Private Spa Center

Kessem Bamaga Eco Organic Private Spa Center in Or Yehuda.
A unique spa located near Tel Aviv.
A short ride away from the main cities in the centre of Israel.
near Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport.
You can easily get there by bus or cab.

The spa offers a wide range of massage treatments.
body exfoliation, body masks, hot tub, fish spa, and even a healthy homemade meal.
Some of the products They use are organic from the garden around the spa.
essential oils from herbs grown and manufactured in-house,
for their massage therapy and Other spa treatments they offer.
Try Contact via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
for more information Book an Appointment, Get a location link for Waze or Google Maps.

Unwind in Luxury

If you’re planning a vacation in Israel with your partner or a friend.
Consider treating yourselves with a luxurious spa day in the Spa Kessem Bamaga.
In the Tel Aviv area you can find plenty of offers for a day spa.
Most will offer single or couple spa packages.
for you to enjoy your free time around Ben Gurion Airport Area.

Pamper Yourself Before Your Trip

arriving in the center of Israel earlier than planned?
have some time to spare? I think it’s wise to get something to support your body.
all things considered for taking advantage of your free time.
get a good professional massage to relieve any pain and stress.
This will ensure that you start your trip feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Eco-Friendly Spa Experience

Thinking of taking a day for yourself?
try “Kessem Bamaga” a unique spa day that is both luxurious and environmentally conscious.
the Eco Organic Private Spa Center in Or Yehuda,
The spa offers a variety of Unique spa treatments.
Royal herbal body scrub, Natural Body Pilings, Body Wraps All are manufactured in-house.
as well for their massage therapy.
Wide range of treatments to help you rejuvenate and relax.

Contact for more information on their services and how to get there.

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