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Private Massage workshops for couples

Private Massage workshops for couples. 

A private workshop gives you more.

It gives you a clear time just for you two. you will get tools and tips how to treat and pamper your companion.
you’ll be the only couple in this massage practice. 

the extended Basic massage workshop is approximately 6 hours. 

If you’re celebrating. We will have a toast or and a herbal tea pot.

We will have a talk about the schedule we are hadding. 

Time to ask and tailor your workshop to your needs. 

How and what is ahead

After replaying health questionnaires and filling the massage workshops questions. 

You’ll have free private time with your companion. According to our spa ethics. 

First is the Fish spa

For a full body exfoliation,

A Great filing for 20~30 minutes

Is a very soothing and relaxing treatment. The fish won’t bite – they’ve got no teeth 😉

 It’s like having a dip in warm sparkling champagne. 

where you will soften your muscles in a large pampering Jacuzzi. 

approximately an hour After arriving. 

We will start a private massage workshop. One of you will be the model for practicing. The other will join me to massage and pamper the model. 

He or she will follow the moves I’ll show right on the model you brought with you to learn how to massage your lover. 

You will share four hours of massaging each other. 

We will follow parts of the body, part by part practicing massage therapy techniques for each area. We’ll cover both your entire body – both front and back sides of the body. 

Things happen to your body while your partner is massaging you. We will learn how to control or handle the kind of normal things that happen between partners or probably lovers. 

We’ll massage Feet, legs, pelvic area,( both front and back sides) stomach, chest, Arms, head and face. neck, Shoulders and a back massage including buttocks. 

I’ll give you techniques to use your body weight and ease on you giving massages. 

A short break 

And now you who gave the massage treatment will have to lay on the massage table and get ready to have a pampering massage from your companion or your partner for massage time. 

a herbal royal scrub is ending the workshop

I’ll bonus you with some tips on how to set your place to suit your you time. Oils to use or to avoid. Things to prepare primer to treatment, candles, flowers, essential oils, herbs, floral water and more… be ready for giving or having a massage. Dim lighting. Make sure the temperature is comfortable, not too cold or too warm. 

What to avoid and when to support. 

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