Private spa in Or Yehuda, offering a wide range of treatments & spa packages, for couples and singles.

Magical time for massage, spa in the centre

When was the last time you really enjoyed yourself

Put all worries behind, forget about the mortgage, rent and work that is still waiting for you finish.
take the time for yourself book a spa package to be pampered in “The Magic of Touch Spa”
it will allow you to Recharge and go back to your routines with renewed Power.

It must have been quite some time since then

When it comes to ourselves, we tend to put things aside and say. “I’ll do it tomorrow” and that tomorrow never comes.
Magic Touch spa centre invites you to a perfect pampering experience. together or separately.
just as you so desperately need. Today, not tomorrow.

Clear the head and relax you body

When you want to stop for a moment.
stop the train of life, that we all ride, for money, achievements, recognition and love.
Kessem Bamaga spa centre offers you a wide range of body treatments – the answer for your need.
All you have to do is, just plan, Book and get there.

From the moment you enter – you’ll be in good hands

literally. At the spa you can enjoy a wide range of body treatments.
as Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, Ayurveda, Tantric Marma massage, Reflexology, Classic Thai Yoga massage. and of course – (combined) integrated massages that combine different massage techniques tailored to your needs and preferences.

If your a Woman, and Need skin maintenance

You can also enjoy Anti cellulite treatments and detoxification, which will help your skin Look & feel much better.
Body Masks and Exfoliation.

Personalized your massage in our spa centre

In addition to all the types of treatments mentioned above
the Magic of Touch Centre offers dedicated treatments aimed improving both the physical and mental feeling.

Prenatal Massage

is for pregnant women – Pregnant women sometimes suffer from back pain,
caused by the weight of the Baby they carry in the womb, as well other less pleasant sensations.
such as nausea, oedema and of course – stress towards childbirth.
Pregnant women massage performed by Baruch. senior (male) Therapist who is certified and Experienced.
prenatal massage will help Oxygenize blood circulation and improve the condition of the oedema.
loosen and treat tensed muscles and relief your back pain.
reliefs stress and recharges your energies.

Athlete massage – Athletes often suffer from cramps and muscle strain

A dedicated massage tailored to sports injuries and muscle stretching will release the stiff muscles.
reduce pain and relax before the next workout or sport competition.

.Medical massage – a massage based on accurate skeletal posture and muscular system

This massage Integrated massage with hot stones, warm oil with Extracted Herbs to have some help from nature.
Massage techniques to point suit the area of pain. bring the body to normal function (improving range of motion, muscle release, etc.).

our professional spa staff and Therapists will be happy to be at your service.
and assist you in choosing the most suitable treatment for you.

“Time for every Thing, Thing for every Time”

When you enter the Gate to “Spa Kessem Bamaga” magic of touch – spa center.
you will feel as if your entering a Time Mashine.
The special atmosphere and soothing music. Ill invite you stope, take the time. that it’s yours.
Take a deep breath, leave the worries out the gate.
indulge in to the magic of touch.

Enjoyment is guaranteed.

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